Exclusive: 90's Sexy Star Ramona Revilla is Mistakenly Identify as the Sister of Ram Revilla!

The family of the slain Ramgen Revilla (Ramgen 'Ram' Bautista) is now very controversial. Aside from his father Don Ramon Revilla Sr. and his half-brother Sen. Bong Revilla, his mother and siblings were now very popular!

When Ram's younger sister Ramona Revilla (Ramona 'Mara' Baustista) who is also one of the suspects escaped the country, people got very curious about her. They wonder how Ramona looks like since her face was rarely seen on TV. Until people thought that the 90's sexy actress whose name is also Ramona Revilla is also the Ramona Revilla everyone is looking for!

Yup, Ramona Revilla is a sexy star who rose in fame way back in 1997. Her name 'Ramona Revilla' was derived from the action star himself and now Senator Ramon Revilla! During the 90's different sexy actresses uses the name of the action stars as their screen name. Hence we have now Ynez Veneracion (from Ian Veneracion), Keanna Reeves (from Keannu Reeves), and Ramona Revilla (from Ramon Revilla).

Ramona Revilla is a 90's Sexy Star

During the 90's, Ramona led in the different sexy-themed movies like "Armadong Hudas" with Ian Veneracion, "Ako Lang Sa Langit" with Emilio Garcia, "Babasaging Kristal" with Jorge Estregan Jr. and Rey PJ Abellana, "Tuloy Bukas Ang Pinto" with Tonton Gutierrez and Jorge Estregan Jr., "Droga," and "Untamed Virgins."

According to her, she already received many hate mails from her Facebook walls since people thought that she is the sister of Ramgen. But now, she's already freed from the name Ramona Revilla because she just recently got married with a foreign husband.

Ramona Revilla is Already Married to a Foreign Husband

Ramona has no any blood relationship with the Revilla clan. But actually, she is close with the killed Ramgen Revilla. Ramgen is actually the neighbor of Ramona in BF Homes Paranaque.

Ramona even revealed in her interview that she even invited Ramgen to attend her wedding. But it's too late since Ramgen was killed!

The name Ramona Revilla paved the way for her rise and success in showbiz. It also brought her controversies specially now during the height of the Ramgen case! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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