Poll Result: Upcoming TV Series is the Most Favorite Topic!

We have conducted an online poll survey about the most favorite topic and feature the readers love in this website. And the answer is no other than the upcoming new TV series!

Here is the official result of the said online poll survey. Let's check it out:

Our online poll survey reveals that readers and visitors of this website like to read updates and news about the upcoming new TV series. They prefer to know what are the newest TV series to air on TV.

Here is the Top 5 ranking of the favorite topics readers and visitors love in this site:

1. Upcoming New TV Series - 30% (491 votes)

2. Showbiz News - 27% (431 votes)

3. TV Programs Ratings - 25% (409 votes)

4. TV Series News Updates - 23% (372 votes)

5. TV Series Episodes - 20% (332 votes)

With a small differential margin, showbiz news placed second. Still, readers and visitors want to update themselves about the happenings on the showbizlandia!

Well if I were to ask you, what topics or features do you love most in this website, what will you prefer?!

Thanks guys for your avid visits in TV Series Craze. More new things to come later on! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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