Is Maja Salvador's Character in 'My Binondo Girl' a Friend or a Foe?!

Maja Salvador is the new character who will enter the top-rating Primetime TV series "My Binondo Girl." She joins her real life best friend Kim Chiu who is the lead star of the said TV series!

Maja in "My Binondo Girl" will give life to the character Amber Dionisio. Just like the character of Kim as Jade who camouflaged herself as the boy Yuan to seek acceptance from her father, Amber is also seeking acceptance!

The question now goes, is Amber a friend or a foe?! Is she really a good friend or a secret villain?!

When asked during the interview the same question about her intriguing role, Maja decided to not give details since she is not yet allowed to tell about her role! "Abangan na lang po natin," she commented!

"My Binondo Girl" serves to be Maja's comeback in Primetime TV series after her successful drama series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" pairing her to Coco Martin! (www.TV Series

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