A Full of Tears Finale of 'Pure Love' This Friday!

The day has come...! Diane, one of the lead characters in this hit Korean drama already collected the tears she needed. And in line with the completion of her mission, "Pure Love" also marks its much-awaited finale.

This coming Friday, October 28, 2011, tears will fall as "Pure Love" steps into its concluding episode.

Diane already passed away after being given a week to settle things or be with the people who truly care for her after she successfully gathered three genuine tears. What happens next after her death? How will they move on without Diane by their side? And what will happen to the life of the other characters around Diane particularly to Dave and Isabel?!

These are some of the exciting things we need to watch out in the ending of "Pure Love" this Friday. Aside from these, find out who shed the third and last tear that gave Diane a second chance to live, at least for a week.

Catch the "Pure Love" a.k.a. "49 Days" finale this Friday right after "Nasaan Ka Elisa?" only in ABS-CBN's top-rating Primetime Bida! Great! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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