Does KC Concepcion Already Confirms that She and Piolo Pascual Already Broke Up?!

The issue of KC Concepcion-Piolo Pascual break up is still a big hit. Rumors about their current relationship status is still the talk of the town. Are they really a couple no more?!

KC is about to leave the Philippines for Paris to attend her friend's wedding. During her departure, curious reporters asked their relationship status with Piolo. And her is her answer:

That said video was aired in "The Buzz" last Sunday. What do you think about KC's answer?! Did she already confirmed that she and Papa P. already split?! Well, read between the lines! (www.TV Series

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  1. I'm so sick of these two and their drama. We all know their relationship is fake. It was all made up to attract interest and indorsements but it failed to generate much business for them. Otherwise KC is really tanga.