Diego Loyzaga - 'Growing Up' Teaser!

After his first TV appearance in the hit phenomenal TV series remake "Mara Clara," Diego Loyzaga is once more seen in another exciting teen-oriented TV program.

Diego Loyzaga reunites with his "Mara Clara" co-stars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. In this youth-oriented TV series, Diego is paired with Julia Montes!

Diego plays the character of a well-mannered gentleman. In his teaser for "Growing Up," Diego talks about giving advice to his parents. Here is his said teaser. Let's all watch this:

"Growing Up" will pave the way for the love team of Julia and Diego. If in "Mara Clara," Diego and Julia's pair was not focused, this time their onscreen romance will be bloomed!

"Growing Up" is currently the favorite teen barkada show. It airs every Sunday afternoon right after "ASAP Rocks." This is an Ultimate Barkada Experience (U.B.E.)! Great! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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