'Time of My Life' Marathon This Sunday!

This Sunday before "Party Pilipinas," a recap of the first two week episodes of GMA-7's very first danserye "Time of My Life" will be shown!

We will once more witness how the story of Shane (Joyce Bernal), a girl with impressive dancing skill started and how she deals with her miserable life. We will also see how her friendship with Jason (Rocco Nacino) started and how she met the perfectionist dancer Patrick (Mark Herras).

Of course we will also find out the roots of Shane and the love story of her true parents. We will witness how her father Fred (Raymond Bagatsing) falls out of love for Martha (Cherie Gil) and falls in love with her real mother Lisa (Jean Garcia)! We will be the witness of the intense dance showdown of Martha and Lisa!

So if you missed these exciting first two week episodes, catch them this Sunday, August 14 in "Time of My Life" marathon right before "Party Pilipinas!" (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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