Kim Chiu Plays a Dual Role in 'My Binondo Girl!'

Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu will play a dual role in the upcoming TV series "My Binondo Girl!" But her dual role is extra-ordinary! Yeah, it's because she will portray the character of a boy and a girl!

Who are the two characters of Kim Chiu?! Well, let's get to know them! Here they are:

Kim Chiu as the beautiful Belinda Young

Kim Chiu as the handsome Marcus Jung

Awesome! It's too amazing to see Kim playing two roles in one soap opera! In this newest teleserye, Kim's versatility as an actress will once more showcase!

Why do you think Kim has dual roles in this series?! Are Belinda and Marcus twins?! Or Kim in the story only camouflage herself as a boy?!

Well, it's for us to find out this August! "My Binondo Girl" will replace the hit drama series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" which is already on its second to the last week!

Nice one Kim! Keep up the good work! All were really excited to see you back in Primetime! Cool! (www.TV Series

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