Albie Casiño is the New Guest Star in '100 Days to Heaven!'

After being silent of different controversies thrown against him, young heartthrob actor Albie Casiño returns on TV series. Albie is the next guest star in the hit inspirational series, "100 Days to Heaven!"

Albie just like the other guest stars will appear in the said teleserye for one week. He will share scenes together with the veteran actor Christopher De Leon who is also a guest star for this coming week!

Actually last Friday, Albie's character was already seen. What do you think will be his role to the life of Madam Anna Manalastas? What impact will he contribute to the story?!

Albie was alleged as the father of Andi Eigenmann's baby. Because of this issue, Albie was removed in his supposed to be movie and TV series projects like "Way Back Home" and "Growing Up." But he returned on TV via the previous episode of "MMK" weeks ago and now here in "100 Days to Heaven." He is said to topbill the upcoming daytime soap "Problem Child" opposite Yen Santos!

Hope that this is the start of Albie's showbiz comeback! Good luck to you Albie and more power to your career! Hope to see you in other more TV series and movies! (TV Series Craze)

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