Kim Chiu as the Boy Yuan Sy in 'My Binondo Girl!'

The Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu will portray a dual role in the upcoming TV series "My Binondo Girl!" This is her TV series comeback on Primetime.

As a boy, Kim portrays the character of Yuan Sy, the son of the rich Chinese business. Yuan Sy in the story is actually the brother of Kim who already died. But wanting to be accepted by her rich Chinese father, Kim will pretend to be her brother Yuan. She will dress up like a boy.

Everyone is really excited to see Kim Chiu as a boy. All are curious how she will look and will act as a boy.

Well, let's check out these photos of Kim Chiu as Yuan Sy, her male character in "My Binondo Girl." Here they go:

Kim Chiu as Yuan Sy

The Male Kim Chiu Looks Like Xian Lim!

Yuan Sy and Her Chinese Father!

Making Kim Chiu as a Man

The Making of Yuan Sy

The Final Product

As per Kim, she made lots of sacrifices for her role as Yuan Sy in the said TV series. One of those challenges that she faces is putting a bend on her breast to flatten it! "Masikip at mahirap huminga," according to Kim!

Did you notice that Kim Chiu as Yuan Sy has a great resemblance with Xian Lim?! Yeah, Kim's one of the leading men Xian Lim really looks like Yuan Sy! Haha!

"My Binondo Girl" premieres this Monday, August 22, 2011 right after "100 Days to Heaven" only in the top-rating ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Nice one Kim! (www.TV Series

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