Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are the Next Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto!

The rise to stardom of these two Kapamilya teen actresses is really unstoppable! Now, they are being tagged as the next Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto!

Many observed that Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are following the footsteps of the Young Superstar Juday Ann Santos and the Optimum Star Claudine Barretto! Many similarities to their teleserye idols were showcased by these two young stars. Even their director Jerry Lopez Sineneng named them as the next Juday and Claudine!

Just like Juday and Claudine, Kathryn and Julia rose in stardom via teleserye! The remake of "Mara Clara" pave the way for the popularity of these two young stars!

The way these two teens act reflected the acting of Juday and Claudine. Julia shows a great resemblance to the former Kapamilya actress Claudine. On the other hand, Kathryn was tagged as the next Juday as the young star reprises the former characters of Juday like Mara and the upcoming Esperanza!

Even in terms of professionalism and passion for work, Kathryn and Julia were really like Juday and Claudine! And like Juday and Claudine, these two teen stars were being compared and put in a rivalry!

Well, are you convinced that Kathryn and Julia are the next Juday and Claudine?!

After their phenomenal hit TV series "Mara Clara," Kathryn and Julia were launch in the Star Cinema movie "Way Back Home!" Afterwards, their tandem will once more tested in the small screen via the upcoming teen oriented show "Growing Up!" Nice one Kathryn and Julia! Two thumbs up to the two of you! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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