Poll Result: Albie Casiño Won Over Jake Vargas!

Young heartthrob Albie Casiño is currently the center of showbiz news and intrigues. He is facing right now different controversies and issues.

But though many negative issues were thrown against him, still Albie Casiño made it on our online poll survey.

Months ago, we have conducted an online poll survey comparing the two rising young actors from rival networks namely Albie Casiño and Jake Vargas. And here is the final official result of the said poll:

With the poll survey question that goes, "Who between these two young heartthrobs is your type and love more?!", Albie won a landslide votes over Jake.

Albie Casiño got a whooping overall total votes of 1,325 or 69% out of the overall votes of 1,911 garnered by this poll.

Jake Vargas on the other hand received only 586 votes or 30%.

Though negative issues were wrecking the career of this young actor, people still love him based on the result of our poll!

Albie Casño rose in fame after reprising the character of Christian Toralba in the phenomenal hit TV series remake "Mara Clara." His tandem with the young actress Kathryn Bernardo is today's favorite. Their love team is even named by supporting fans as Katbie or Martians!

But before "Mara Clara," Albie first appeared in the Sunday afternoon youth-oriented show "Gimik 2010."

Today, Albie is being suspected as the real father of former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann. His name is also dragged in the negative issues of smoking and drinking.

Because of the negatives issues, Albie was removed in his supposed to be TV series and movie projects which will reunite him with onscreen partner Kathryn Bernardo.

Hayz...hope that this is not the end of Albie Casiño's career in showbiz! Everybody is still looking forward on him! Hope that he will surpass all these challenges and trials in his life! Good luck Albie! Hope to see you soon on TV and movies! c",)

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