The Male Version of Kim Chiu in 'My Binondo Girl!'

The Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu will return in Primetime! But this time, she is a boy!

Yup, Kim portrays a boy in the exciting new Primetme TV series "My Binondo Girl!"

Another new teaser of this teleserye is very much interesting! If on the first teaser, we saw Kim as a very beautiful lady, in this second teaser, he is a very handsome boy! Oh, how does she becomes as such?!

Here is the second quick teaser of "My Binondo Girl." Let's all watch this:

Why do you think Kim becomes a boy in the story?! Is she camouflaging herself to escape for a certain reason?! Or she has a twin who is a boy?!

Well, it's for us to find out this coming August as "My Binondo Girl" hits the Primetime!

Nice one Kim! This newest teleserye once more proves the versatility of Ms. Kim Chiu! Great! (TV Series Craze)

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