Kathryn Bernardo Plays a Teenage Magician This Saturday in 'Wansapanataym!'

After their No. 1 phenomenal hit "Mara Clara," Kathryn Bernardo returns on TV this Saturday. But this time, she will not give us a heavy drama acting. Rather, she will put us into a magical world of magicians!

Kathryn plays the character of Jenny, a poor teenager coming from the family of magicians. Jenny was only two years old when a fairy granted her family with magical powers. Their special ‘skill’ helped them survive. As Jenny grows up, she starts to confront teenage issues like wanting to be popular and wanting to belong.

As she struggles her way through teenage life, Jenny decides to join a talent contest where she can use her magic powers thinking that it will be one way to gain popularity. Though her parents were against her plan of joining, she still pursues. This is where the gap between Jenny and her parents begins to develop.

Here is a quick teaser of this Saturday's episode of "Wansapanataym" entitled "Apir Disapir." Let's all watch this:

Kathryn will be paired for the first time to Renz Fernandez, son of Lorna Tolentino and Rudy Fernandez. Completing the cast members are Lito Pimentel, Maricar De Mesa, and Perla Bautista.

"Wansapanataym" is also the TV comeback of the other "Mara Clara" lead star Julia Montes. Two weeks ago before this episode of Kathryn, Julia already appeared in the previous episode of this fantasy-anthology wherein she played a triple character!

Now its Kathryn turn! Let see how a young dramatic actress like Kathryn will lead us into a fantastic magical world! Goodluck Kathryn! c",)

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