Jericho Rosales is the First Challenger in 'I Dare You!'

The most exciting newest reality show that will let the brightest celebrities to experience the normal work of the ordinary people finally premieres today. And the first big star to be a challenger is no other than the hunk actor Mr. Jericho Rosales!

Before being one of the hottest leading man today, Jericho started working in a wet and dry market. He carried and sold fish as a way of living. Today in the pilot episode of "I Dare You," Echo returns to his roots! He will once again experience the first life he had before!

Here is a teaser of the pilot episode of "I Dare You" showing Jericho Rosales as the challenger. Let's all watch this:

And the first Bida Kapamilya will be Alvin, a simple market vendor like Jericho who is also dreaming to have a better life in the future!

Alessandra De Rosi and Gab Valenciano will compete Echo in this first grand challenge.

Let's see how Jericho portrays back his first work in the market today in the premiere episode of "I Dare You" in the relaunch of "Kapamilya Gold" at 5:15 pm before "Mula Sa Puso." Nice one Echo! Go, go, go Kapamilya! c",)

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