The Final Night of 'I Am Legend!'

ABS-CBN's only Primetime Koreanovela "I Am Legend" is already on its final week. This Friday, Solenn and her Comeback Madonna band will bid farewell to all us!

They say "I Am Legend" is another short-lived TV series. Since it was beaten by its rival Koreanovelas from GMA-7 namely "Secret Garden" and "Temptation of Wife", they shorten its airing on TV!

But actually, this said Korean drama is really short! The full original Korean version of it is only 16 episodes. It's time span on Primetime Bida is really enough - nothing more, nothing less!

Tonight we will witness how the story of this all female rock band as well as their lead vocalist Solenn be concluded. And of course, we will see how Solenn chooses her man of her life!

So let's all catch the concluding episode of "I Am Legend" tonight in Primetime Bida right after "The Biggest Loser". The said Koreanovela will be replaced by another Korean TV series called "Pure Love" starting on Monday! c",)

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