The Amanda Coling Interview on 'Showbiz Central!'

Finally, the alleged AZKALS rape victim appeared on live TV. And she graced the special interview in the GMA-7's showbiz oriented show "Showbiz Central!"

Amanda Coling is said that the woman who was a rape victim of the four AZKALS members involving Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper), Simon Greatwich (midfielder), Anton del Rosario (defender), and Jason Sabio in the house of their coach. The news about the said rape case spread like a wild fire not only around the internet but even on the other forms of media!

Here is the said exclusive interview of Amanda conducted by Pia Guanio. Let's all watch this:

What can you say about this interview?! What can you conclude?! Who is telling the truth?! Be the judge!

Amanda Coling on the other hand becomes a trending topic yesterday because of this said controversy! c",)

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