What Will Happen to the Character of Jhong Hilario as Gary in 'Mara Clara'?!

What do you think will happen to the character of Jhong Hilario as Gary David in the top-rating TV series "Mara Clara"?!

The mother of all teleserye "Mara Clara" is already on its third to the last episode. And everybody is predicting the final fates of the main characters. And one of the much awaited part is if what will happen to the main villain Gary David?!

Will Gary dies?! Will he be jailed?! Or will he commit suicide?! Or will he become insane?!

How Will the Del Valle Couple Get Rid of Gary?!

The Most Dramatic Scene of Father and Daughter Took Place!

The last night's episode was truly full of tears and action! It was an unexpected episode of heavy drama as a hostage scene took place between the father and daughter Clara (Julia Montes) and Gary David. Clara tries to protect his father from the policemen so she let her father hostage her.

Once again, Gary able to escaped! He jumped from the river and swam away from the guns of the hunting policemen.

Gary then ride in a jeep-carrying goods. He even ate the snacks inside the jeep to escape his hunger. But the driver captured him. He thought that Gary was a theft so the people in the place punched him!

What more do you think will happen to the evil character of Gary?! How will he pay all the bad deeds that he had done?! These are just some of the exciting things we need to look forward to!

By the way, we would like to congratulate Mr. Jhong Hilario for effectively playing the role of Gary David. He performed it very well! Viewers were really caught by his villain character! Nice one Jhong! You are not only a very good dancer, but a very good actor as well! Two thumbs up Papa Gary! c",)

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  1. tama and correct cla magaling k ng magsayaw jhong magaling k png artista lalo na sa mara clara and i realy congratulate also all the cast of mara clara both of u r great and im be very proud of it and i hope that u haveanother tv series again jhong ,u r my idol man.god bless u and ur family circle.mwa