The TV Series Poster of 'Bangis!'

Check out the TV series poster of the upcoming fantasy-adventure TV series on TV5 called "Bangis". Here it is:

"Bangis" is a TV adaptation of the Carlo J. Caparas komiks novel "Matatalim na Pangil sa Gubat." It introduces an array of characters led by Bangis, a giant but playful and gentle prehistoric creature, a crocodile that feels and thinks like human.

The TV series also introduces a cast of child actors including BJ Go as Eboy, Bangis’ adventurous and caring best friend; Gerald Pesigan as Bakting, the town’s child bully; and Junyka Santarin as Katkat, daughter of Don Serpente and Savanna and the friend of Eboy. Definitely, this is another teleserye wherein 'bata ang bida!

Oyo Sotto portrays the character of Leon who will have a vital role in the story. He is paired to TV5's darling Danita Paner who plays the character of an environmentalist!

"Bangis" will start conquering our Primetime TV series habit this coming Monday, July 4, 2011 right after "Wil Time Bigtime" only in the Kapatid network! c",)

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