Bianca King Now Takes a Lead Role in 'Sinner or Saint!'

She is always been identified as another Primera Kontrabida. She effectively done different roles as a villain in different movies and TV series. But now, it's her turn to lead. "Siya na ngayon ang aapiin" as they say!

Bianca King is the lead star in the newest afternoon TV series called "Sinner or Saint". She portrays the character of Noemi, an innocent girl who will be imprisoned for the crime she didn't commit!

Dennis Trillo is Bianca's leading man. In the story, Dennis plays the role of Raul, the boyfriend of Noemi. Raul is the real sinner who killed the bad uncle of Noemi in defense of his girlfriend. Noemi didn't want to loose the future of Raul being a successful attorney so she takes responsible for the crime.

Alessandra De Rosi playing the character of Corrine is now Bianca's villain! She will take Noemi's boyfriend Raul. Corrine will make the life of Noemi more miserable!

Bianca King's last TV series as a Primera Kontrabida was "The Last Prince" opposite Aljur Abrenica. She played there as the wicked queen of darkness! Bianca even appeared before as a villain in the different movies of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez.

If Bianca is effective as a kontrabida, do you think she is more effective as bida?! We'll see! Good luck Bianca! More power! c",)

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