The Two Leading Men of Kathryn Bernardo in 'Mara Clara' Photo!

If in the hit TV series "Mara Clara", their characters as Derrick and Christian cannot be together, well in real life it can be!

This is a cute picture of Albie Casiño and Diego Loyzaga together. As you can see, they were like a bestfriend! In real life, they are really close even though their characters in the said soap are rivals!

Albie and Derrick are the two leading men of Kathryn Bernardo in "Mara Clara". Their characters as Christian and Derrick are truly dedicated to Mara. They are both ready to give their own lives just to save Mara from tragedy!

Well, if I were to ask you, who between Albie and Diego or between Christian and Derrick do you love and like the most?! Who do you want for Mara in the end, Derrick or Christian?!

The original characters of Christian and Derrick in the 90's version of "Mara Clara" was portrayed by Wowee De Guzman and Rico Yan!

May the best man win Derrick and Christian! Good luck to the two of you Albie Casiño and Diego Loyzaga! More power! c",)

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