Sam Milby is Ready to Do Gay Roles!

The Rockaustic Heartthrob and today's bankable leading man Mr. Sam Milby reveals that he is open and ready to do gay roles in a movie!

“It really depends on the script. I think, kapag acting piece (why not),” the handsome hunk actor shared reporters during a press conference for the rerun of his independent film "Third World Happy."

Sam said if he will do a gay role, he will make sure it won’t be like the late Heath Ledger's film "Brokeback Mountain."

“I never watched the movie and it was very [much] talked about. I heard medyo torrid ang kissing scenes nila. I don’t know if I can go to that extent. But I guess it depends on the script and the role, if it's an acting piece,” Sam added.

Sam was even asked if who is his preferred partner for a gay movie. Then he said: “I think if I'm going to do a role like that, it will be more fun if you're with people you're comfortable with, like Praty, si John Prats.”

Sam Milby is very much active in movies nowadays. Aside from his Indie Film "Third World Happy", Sam is also promoting his movie under Star Cinema opposite KC Concepcion called "Forever and a Day". This will be shown on theaters this coming June 15, 2011.

"Third World Happy" is Sam Milby's second Indie Film. His performance in that said movie garnered him a Best Actor nomination in the 34th Gawad Urian this year.

Well if you're to ask, would you like to see Sam Milby playing a gay role in a movie?! Then who would you like to be Sam's leading man and partner for that said movie?! Good luck Sam! Nice one! c",)

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  1. I saw him in many bars hand in hand with black guys and trannys and they were kissing all the time.
    had a friend he was togehter with him a time but he said hes cheap with his small and money he dont want waste for anyone.
    So he decided to go.