Pokwang Returns in Noontime Show!

It was confirmed! She will coming back starting this Saturday on the Kapamilya's biggest noontime show!

The comedy actress Pokwang will return on hosting a noontime show! She is the newest addition to ABS-CBN's noontime show "Happy Yippee Yehey!" She will be in the said show starting May 7, 2011!

Pokwang became a special guest in the said show last April 18 during the promotion of their movie "Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak!" Pokie was even teased by John Estrada and Randy Santiago to return hosting a noontime show. Pokie then enthusiastically played the tease!

Actually, Pokwang will reunite with its main host. This is not the first time that Pokie will work together with Toni Gonzaga, Randy Santiago, Mariel Rodriquez, and Melai Cantiveros. Pokie already worked with Toni in the TV series "Crazy For You", with Mariel in the defunct noontime show "Wowowee", with Randy (the director) in the sitcom "Aalog-alog", and with Melai in "Banana Split"! But it is the first time that she will work with John Estrada!

Pokie is very much excited to return in hosting! She expresses her overwhelming gratitude in one of her interviews!

Well, are you also excited for Pokwang's comeback in a noontime show?! Will Pokwang entry in "Happy Yipee Yehey" can pull up the rating of the said show against its strong rival "Eat Bulaga"?! We'll wait and see! Good luck and welcome back Pokie! c",)

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