Movie Feature: Behind the Scene of 'In The Name of Love!'

"In the Name of Love" is currently the box-office movie showing in more than 100 theaters nationwide. This is the 18TH anniversary offering of Star Cinema.

"In the Name of Love" stars Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. Jake Cuenca, and Mr. Aga Muchlach. This is a passionate heavy drama movie about love.

Today, I would like to share with you the behind the scene video of this box-office movie. Let's all see how they make this very exciting movie of 2011. Here is the behind the scene of "In the Name of Love!" Let's all watch this:

As they say this movie is two years in the making. All of them really worked very hard to give us a quality movie.

Aga and Angel even attended dance lessons for the movie. They are dancers in the movie. Angel even shares her skill in pole dancing. This is one of the most awaited part in this film!

Do you already watch the movie? What can you say about it! Since it's from Star Cinema, definitely we can expect that it's another one of the best! Nice one Aga, Jake, and Angel! Keep it up! Two thumbs up for this movie! c",)

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