AJ Perez and 'MMK' are Trending Topics in the World Wide Web!

Last night, we all witnessed the very dramatic last TV appearance of the late young actor AJ Perez via the longest running drama anthology, "MMK"! And it's very successful!

That said episode entitled "Tsinelas" of "MMK" starring AJ Perez immediately become the trending topic on Twitter and on the internet. The term AJ Perez and MMK belong to the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter during its airing.

The hashtag #ajperezmmk was the first to trend at 8PM, and then "MMK" followed an hour later.

Here is the trending topic on Twitter on that said night:

Trending Topic on Twitter

#ajperezmmk was the #1 trending topic in the Philippines (Yeah, it was #1. Ignore that promoted #NFLDraft term) and then the phrase "Watching MMK" also made it as a trending topic peaking at #6.

Not only in Twitter, AJ Perez and "MMK" also conquered the world-wide web. #ajperezmmk peaked at #2 and then MMK ranked 8th.

Here is the ranking on the world wide web:

Trending Topic on the Web

#ajperezmmk was able to trend worldwide for 2 hours! Nice.

It's been a long time when topics relating to "MMK" becomes a worldwide trend. If I'm not mistaken, this was last November 2010 during the episode of Coco Martin wherein he played the character of a man with mental disability who became a star witness in a crime!

AJ Perez' family and GF were very thankful for this! His brother Gelo and GF Steph tweeted via their respective Twitter accounts the success of AJ Perez' "MMK" episode.

For sure, that said episode of this longest-running drama anthology will take the No. 1 spot in the TV rating race! We're looking onto that! Congratulations AJ! Job well-done! c",)

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