TV Series Craze is Celebrating Its 2nd Year Anniversary!

TV Series Craze is currently celebrating its successful 2nd Year Anniversary! Yippee!

For two years now, we are serving you with the latest and hottest updates about your favorite TV series, news about the different teleserye stars, sharing you with different TV series posters, TV program ratings, trailers, teasers, and TV commercials of your idols as well as giving you the hottest showbiz news in the country! Our success is all because of you!

TV Series Craze was born on April 17, 2009. A very simple and plain website about your favorite TV series started with a humble beginning. Its design gradually evolves. We even created its very own unique logo to differentiate it from the other websites.

Here is the current logo of your favorite TV Series Craze web blog site:

The Official Logo of the Website

Yup, this is the fourth logo of this website since it started. It was created last August of 2010. The full version of it, the poster like is the one you see on the very top of this website!

We are so very happy for the immediate rise of this blog site. More and more viewers and visitors keep on visiting this site everyday. The number of hits and visits of this site per day is now ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 hits! For two years now, TV Series Craze got an overall total hits and visits of 1 Million plus! As of this day, April 22, 2011, its exact total hits and visits is 1,072,259. Nice!

And in terms of ratings and rankings, TV Series Craze as of this date is at No. 8 in Top of Blogs, at No. 73 in Top of Blog list, and at No. 22 in Top Blogs Philippines. Its current Alexa ranking today is 360, 294.

Here are the ranking and visit details of this website as of this day:

The Current Ranking and Stats

We are even so very much happy that the number of likes and followers of this website keep on growing! As of this day, we have 61 Followers.

In its Facebook official Fanpage, TV Series Craze got an overall total likes or followers of 1,099 as of this writing.

Check out the details of my followers and fans below:

The Growing Number of Likes and Followers

The success of this website could not be possible without you! Your support and acceptance for this website put us on top! And I really appreciated it!

In return, expect that this blog website will strike for the best! We will give you all the best that you want. Expect for more exciting contents and new trends.

Once more, thank you very, very, very much my avid readers and followers! Join me as I celebrate the success of this 2-year old blog website! I Love you all! c",)

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