New Poll: 'Mula Sa Puso' Then and Now!

"Mula Sa Puso" is a hit TV series which really created a mark in the history of Philippine teleserye. Its original version was aired from 1997 to 1999 and gave rise to the career of Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, and Rico Yan.

Now in 2011, a remake of this phenomenal soap opera was made. This time newbies Lauren Young, Enrique Gil, and JM De Guzman reprise the role of Via, Michael, and Gabriel which were formerly portrayed by Claudine, Diether, and Rico.

With the two versions of "Mula Sa Puso", people keep on comparing the new version from the original. With this comparison, our new online poll survey opens!

Which do you think is better between the original and the remake version of "Mula Sa Puso"?! Which do you like and love more, the new version today or the previous version?!

Of course there are some changes in the story but still the essence and flow are kept! You may consider in voting the lead stars, the kontrabida, the new cast, and the story. Or you may use your own preference in choosing.

Do you love better the new version we have now? Or you still prefer the original 90's version?! Are there any improvements in the new story?!

Dawn Zulueta, Ariel Rivera, and Eula Valdez reprise the characters of Magda, Don Fernando, and the evil Selina which were originally played by Jacklyn Jose, Juan Rodrigo, and Princess Punzalan. The original and the remake versions were both directed by Wenn Deramas.

So you may now start casting your votes! The voting area is still in the right side panel of this website! Keep on voting! "Mula Sa Puso" rocks! c",)

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