Movie Feature: The Full Trailer of 'In The Name of Love!'

Finally, the much-awaited and much-anticipated movie of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. Aga Muchlach with Mr. Jake Cuenca under Star Cinema will shown this coming May!

"In The Name of Love" is the movie we all waiting for. This is the 18th year anniversary offering of Star Cinema. It took two years for the said movie to finished. Aga and Angel even attended dance class to train them in dancing gracefully since many of the scenes in this film require them to perform dancing!

And Star Cinema already released the full trailer of this exciting romance-drama movie. Well, let's all watch this exciting movie trailer and see the fruits of Angel and Aga's hardship. Here it goes:

Previously, the working title of this film is called "Huling Sayaw". But later on, they changed the title to "In The Name of Love".

What are the other things we can expect to see in this exciting movie? Well, let's check it out below:

The Pole Dancing of Angel Locsin

Two Hot and Sexy Leading Men

Angel Locsin in Heavy Drama

Sexy Love Scene of Angel and Jake

If in many of Angel's TV series particularly the top-rating "Imortal" wherein we see Angel doing heavy action stunts, here in this movie, we can see Angel Locsin in heavy drama. And of course, we can finally see the most-awaited pole dancing of Angel.

We can see here in the movie that Angel is not only good in action or drama roles. We can witness that she is now great in the field of dancing! Many said and commented, "ang galing-galing nang sumayaw ni Angel ngayon!" Nice!

Aside from Aga Muchlach, Angel's other leading man is Jake Cuenca. Therefore, it's another fight between two hunk leading men vying for the love of one sweet Angel! Who do you think will win the heart of the sexy lady in the end?!

Talking about the leading men, Aga will also showcase his greatness in dancing here in this movie. They are dancing together with Angel in different beat of music! And of course, another character of Jake Cuenca will be seen in this movie. If in "Green Rose" he is a greedy and power-grabber Edward, this time he is a boy-next door type politician with a different look (now with an eyeglass).

Now are you more excited for this great movie?! Definitely!

"In The Name of Love" is under the direction of Olivia M. Lamasan. It opens on theater this May 11, 2011! Great one Aga, Jake, and Angel! Another milestone and remarkable accomplishment! Two thumbs up! c",)

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