'I Am Legend' Will Replace 'Imortal!'

Vivian will replace Lia on Primetime Bida! A fantasy-series will be replaced by a cool Koreanovela.

Yup, the much-awaited comeback of Vivian of "Lovers in Paris" via the newest Korean drama "I Am Legend" replaces "Imortal" starting this Monday! It took the timeslot of "Green Rose". "Green Rose" then will be moved earlier taking the timeslot of "Imortal".

Kim Jung Eun now plays the character of Solenn. Solenn is an unhappy wife of an attorney. She was being envy by many because of the wealth and fame she had. But she is not happy in this status so she decided to divorce her husband and decided to reclaim her childhood dream-to be a rock star!

Together with her high school friends, they formed a rock group called Comeback Madonna Band.

Definitely, a brand new Vivian will be seen here in this exciting soap. She will showcase her other side being a singer and a rock star! Nice! Are you excited for her comeback?!

Vivian or Kim Jung Eun seems always a replacement for a hit fantaserye. If you can still recall her Koreanovela "Lovers in Paris" replaced the hit fantaserye "Marina" in 2004. Now in 2011, she will once more replace another hit fantaserye "Imortal" via "I Am Legend"! Do you think her new Koreanovela will be as hit as "Lovers in Paris"?! We'll see! Good luck Vivian a.k.a. Solenn! c",)

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