'Frijolito' Will Start Capturing Our Hearts This Monday!

In the tradition of giving us remarkable telenovelas, Kapamilya network once more brings us another afternoon Latinovela. This time, the story is focus to a little child boy named "Frijolito"!

This newest Mexican telenovela is topbilled by the four of the hottest Latin stars. They are Mauricio Ochmann, Litzy, Carla Peterson, and Alejandro Felipe Flores.

The story started when Nacho (Mauricio Ochmann), as a teenager in Mexico, discovered that he could seduce girls by giving them gold rings. With his buddy Lucho, Nacho fornicated with many, many girls, and then never went out with them again. Sometimes Lucho "helped" Nacho by putting a date-rape drug in the girl's drink, though Nacho was not aware of this. Being from a rich family, when Nacho finished high school, he went to Los Angeles to study medicine, not knowing that on his last night in Mexico he had impregnated Margarita (Litzy). Lucho had actually drugged both Nacho and Margarita, leading to disinhibition and fornication. In the morning Margarita woke up naked and abandoned. She could not find Nacho anymore.

Margarita had been permanently enamored by Nacho the night that she met him, but she also hates him for having impregnated her and abandoned her. She thinks that he drugged her, but actually neither she nor Nacho remember the fornication, though she has constructed mental images of herself being raped.

Through Lucho, Nacho's brother Francisco (Roberto Mateos) offered money to Margarita to pay for killing Margarita's unborn baby. But Margarita refused. Thus while Nacho was spending six years in LA, Margarita at the age of 15 gave birth to Frijolito (Alejandro Felipe Flores).

"Frijolito" premieres this Monday, April 4, 2011 at 4pm. It's another interesting story to watch out! Nice! c",)

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