'Bumuhos Man ang Ulan' - The 'Green Rose' Theme Song!

The theme song of the Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela "Green Rose" is now one of the most requested song in radio. This song called "Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan" sung by Jericho Rosales is starting to capture the hearts of many viewers and listeners.

"Bumuhos Man ang Ulan" is currently the No. 1 most requested song in the radio station 101.9 Tambayan. And because it is always heard on the TV series, listeners now even want to hear the full version of it over the radio.

And as you requested, I will also share with you the full version of this said romantic song. Here is a fan-made music video of Jericho's hit theme song, "Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan". Let's hear it and feel its lyrics:

What can you say about the song? Do you now love it?

Many say that this song is perfect to their teleserye. As we all witness, the love story of Jerome (Jericho Rosales) and Angela (Anne Curtis) is always on trials and challenges. But despite of these storms, the love between them still survive and keep on fighting!

In the next episodes of "Green Rose", Edward (Jake Cuenca) and Angela go to Korea. Jerome knew that they were coming and even told Geena (Alessandra De Rosi) their arrival.

Will the path of Jerome and Angela once more cross now in Korea? Will Edward know that his rival Jerome is still alive? And how will Geena react that his boyfriend Edward is coming but is now in good hands with Angela?

These are some of the exciting new episodes of "Green Rose" we should watch out every night. "Green Rose" is another hit Primetime Bida teleserye airing every night right after "Imortal" only in ABS-CBN! Nice! c",)

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