AJ Perez' GF Steph Ayson Shares Her Thoughts and Feelings to Public!

After being spotted in the wake of AJ Perez last night in La Salle Greenhills, AJ Perez's girlfriend finally opens herself to public. She is Ms. Steph Ayson.

Steph Ayson is a 17-year old non-showbiz girlfriend of the young actor. She decided to share her thoughts regarding the sudden lost of her beloved boyfriend. She even opens her Twitter account to public and allows media for interview.

Here are some of the thoughts and talks Steph shared during her first media interview conducted by ABS-CBN news:

“He made sure that I wouldn't feel that I was pushed aside.”

"There've been quite a number of complications regarding privacy, with regard to our relationship, but the good thing about AJ is that even though we kept it in the quiet, he made sure that I wouldn't feel that I was pushed aside or whatever."

"He really made me feel special in every way that he could, even his friends, [by] constantly texting me."

"I liked his optimism and capability to make people feel optimistic just as he is. And he's just very inspiring and sobrang determined niya."

"I'll just miss the way he calls me every time may break sa taping. Sobrang kulit kasi niya, kahit text or call, or pati sa buong family ko." "I'll miss of course having him around and I miss someone constantly bugging me to be okay."

"At first, I couldn’t believe it until I saw AJ. Tito Gerry (AJ's father) was the one who called me. When he was telling me, it was hard for me to grasp the idea, so my sister had to call Tito Gerry again and asked and confirmed what happened."

Meanwhile, here are some of Steph's tweets via her Twitter account which is now open to public pertaining to the lost of AJ:

"Opening my Twitter account to the public so I could share the AJ I know with everyone. I've always been his fan since I was in grade school, too.”


Steph even admitted that she really miss AJ. According to her moving on may take a while. But she knows with God's help and with AJ's help, she'll be fine. c",)

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