Will Kathryn Bernardo's Character as Mara in 'Mara Clara' Finally Bid Goodbye?!

Since last Friday until early this week, we can really feel the pain in the recent episodes of "Mara Clara"! The whole cast is in great sorrow for the loss of the kindhearted Mara (Kathryn Bernardo).

We witnessed the tragic event in the life of Mara in the hands of the kidnappers. She was being exploded. Clara (Julia Montes) though trying to save Mara can't do any to save the girl.

After the big explosion, it's too painful to see the condition of Mara. Her body was fully burned! Your tears will immediately fall seeing the tragic condition of this lead character. Then before the weekend, the doctor announced that Mara is already dead!

It's more painful the Monday and the Tuesday episodes of this top-rating TV series. All the casts were on the wake of Mara. We can see the pain in each of their faces. They were all crying specially Mara's two mothers Susan (Mylene Dizon) and Alvira (Dimples Romania). Then finally she was buried!

A big question mark was left hanging in the minds of the televiewers! Is Mara really dead?! Is her character will be removed in this hit soap opera since there is a big project awaiting for Kathryn so she needs to be pulled out in this show?! Or this is only the way to lengthen this TV series since everybody truly loves it and they don't want to end the show?!

But if the girl burned and buried was not Mara, who is she?! Many come up with an speculation that it was Lenita and not Mara! Lenita returned to the hide-out to save Gary until she was exploded! If that's the case, then where is Mara?! Why is it she's still in nowhere?!

These were some of the exciting questions which keep viewers hooked on this said show. We are so excited to see the next episodes! Almost everyday, more exciting events are taking place! "Mara Clara" is not only a top-rating TV series nationwide and in Mega Manila. Rather, it is also the talk of the town today! "Talagang pinag-uusapan ng buong bayan...!" Two thumbs up to this another great show! c",)

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