The Posters and Wallpapers of 'Captain Barbell!'

Want more? Here's more...!

After we met the good characters around "Captain Barbell" as well as knowing the evil villains through character posters, let us now combine them into one great fight!

GMA-7 also released different TV series posters and wallpapers of the most exciting superhero fantasy series, "Captain Barbell". Let's take a look at them. Here they go:

It's truly full of fight and action! "Posters pa lang, ma-action na...!"

This 2011 "Captain Barbell" TV series is really made with high definition and state of the art 3D Technology. The action scenes, the costumes, and special effects are all hi-tech! Well, the posters and wallpapers speak for themselves!

So start downloading these posters and wallpapers and feel the fight and action of "Captain Barbell" together with his team called 'Liga Ng Kalayaan' who are fighting together against the evil forces!

"Captain Barbell" airs every night in GMA's Telebabad right after "24 Oras"! c",)

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