Meet and Fight the Villains of 'Captain Barbell!'

If there are allies, definitely there are also villains! If there is a 'Liga ng Kalayaan' which is a group of superheroes dedicated to save the mankind, there is also force of evil that will destroy the community!

Veteran actor Mr. Christopher De Leon plays the character of Nero. He is the leader of the evil forces. But aside from him, who are the other villains or the members of his ally who would fight Captain Barbell (Richard Gutierrez)?!

Well let's get to know them! Here are the group of evil villains that will prevent 'Liga Ng Kalayaan' from doing good and will destroy the mankind:

Joining Nero are TJ Trinidad as Gregor, Teng/Captain Barbell’s fiercest enemy next to Nero; Paolo Paraiso as Rodel, the sandman; Akihiro Sato as Bruno, the hulkman; Elvis Gutierrez as Gaston, a superhero with the ability to create weapons using only his mind; Ervic Vijandre as Ricky, the flash; Sam Pinto as Sammy, the age-shifting supervillain; Ellen Adarna as Kat, the undecided sexy superhero; and Jon Hall as Rob, Anita’s egotistic business partner.

Completing the star-studded cast are Marky Lopez as Hekki, Jana’s assistant; and Ces Quesada as Tiya Lita, Lelay’s manipulative aunt.

It's gonna be forces of good versus forces of evil! It's a great battle we shouldn't miss! Meeting the two opposing forces in the return of "Captain Barbell", who do you think will win this great battle?!

Thanks that GMA-7 network makes individual posters of the main cast and characters of "Captain Barbell". Now we're able to know each one of them! Nice! c",)

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  1. paano poh ba maging official member ng captain barbell