'Mula Sa Puso' Moments Relive Through Teasers!

ABS-CBN will soon air the much-anticipated remake of 2011. This is the new "Mula Sa Puso" which truly excites million viewers!

With regards to this, the Kapamilya network is now showing different short teasers of this upcoming teleserye. But in these teasers, they didn't yet showed the new cast and characters. Rather they show some of the remarkable scenes in this 90's hit soap opera.

As they say, "Muling bibigyang-buhay ang primera klaseng soap opera," let's relive this hit classic 90's teleserye which gave rise to the career of Rico Yan, Diether Ocampo, and Ms. Claudine Barretto, Let's watch these two short teasers of "Mula Sa Puso". Here they go:

I know you're bitin with these two short teasers, And I know, you want to see and relive other more unforgettable chapters in this teleserye! More...more...more...!

So, I will also share with you this fan made video featuring some of the most important and most remarkable scenes in this teleserye including its hit theme song. Let's all watch this:

Looking Back at the Original "Mula Sa Puso"

Great, great, great! Everybody is now craving for the remake of this TV series! But of course, they are still missing these very good scenes from the original version. Do you think they can revive these important scenes?! Can the remake makes them better?! We know they could the way they do now to "Maraq Clara"!

The three main characters of the new "Mula Sa Puso" are Lauren Young, Enrique Gil, and JM De Guzman reprising the characters of Claudine, Diether, and Rico as Via, Michael, and Gabriel.

Meanwhile reprising the characters of Princess Punzalan, Jacklyn Jose, and Juan Rodrigo as Selina, Magda, and Don Fernando are Eula Valdez, Dawn Zulueta, and Ariel Rivera! The original director Mr. Wenn V. Deramas is also the director of the remake.

Good luck to this new TV series! We're pretty sure it will be another hit top-rating TV series! Two thumbs up! c",)

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  1. This is the first ever soap opera that have all the possible twist in a certain story. You name it, they have it. It was the soap opera that made all viewers hate the character of the unforgettable antagonist Selina.

    According to Jhune F. Lauro, the original writer of the story, the series was just the first of the 11 installment of the whole story. Just imagine how long the story is if Wenn Deramas will write a script of the whole story.

    Search as well for the 2nd installment, MULA sa PUSO: Ang Pagpapatuloy ng Poot ni Selina. Its another twist of the story and a new revelation about Mariels real identity and Tindengs' real connection with the Pereira. You may ask yourself a question if how Selina can continue her evil works if she died in the first story.

  2. Sa Mula sa Puso:Ang Pagpapatuloy ng poot ni Selina,si Belinda (Anak sa pagkadalaga ni Selina) ang nagtuloy ng paghihiganti ni Selina, nabasa ko yan they realeased a pocketbook version of Mula sa Puso before and okay sya lalo na yung twist about Mariel and Tindeng and kung paano nasira at gumulo uli ang mga Pereira dahil sa anak ni Selina na si Belinda.