Meet the Characters of 'Spooky Nights: Bampirella!'

Marian Rivera topbills the first horror-comedy weekly mini-series of GMA-7 called "Bampirella", the first installment of "Spooky Nights". She will play the character of a simple girl named Cindy but being cursed to be an ugly girl at day and a vampire at night.

Aside from Marian, here are the other main characters of this exciting Saturday night mini-series. Let's get to know them. Here they are:

Marian Rivera as Cindy / Bampirella

Mikael Daez as Mikael

Marc Abaya as Armand

Gelli de Belen as Mitch

Isabel Nesreen Frial as Aya

Marian will have two leading men in this new TV series. They are Marc Abaya and Mikael Daez. Marc will play the character of a rocker Armand who has a secret admiration to Cindy while Mikael will give life to the character of a dentist Mikael.

"Bampirella" is a debut TV series project of Marian and Mikael. After this mini-series, Marian and Mikael will be seen in another fantaserye "Amaya"! "Bampirella" then will serve as a test if Marian and Mikael have a perfect chemistry!

Gelli De Bellen on the other hand plays the villain of Cindy. She is the boss of the chocolate factory where Cindy works. She will also curse Cindy to become an ugly girl at day but return again to its original beauty at night but as a vampire!

Marian's real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dantes will have a special participation in this new show. She will be Cindy's ex-boyfriend!

The previous title of this newest GMA-7 horror-comedy weekly mini-series is "Ang Spooky Mo Presents". But they changed it now to "Spooky Nights".

"Spooky Nights: Bampirella" premieres on Saturday, April 2, 2011. It will run for four weeks. Well, are you excited for this newest offering of the Kapuso network?! c",)

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