Marian Rivera Will Start Frigtening Our Saturdays with Fun as 'Bampirella!'

The first installation of the weekly horror-comedy mini-series of GMA-7 called "Ang Spooky Mo Presents" will finally start this Saturday, March 26, 2011. And its first offering is "Bampirella"!

The so-called Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera will portray the character of "Bampirella". "Bampirella" at night and Cindy at day is a model employee of chocolate factory.

The chocolate factory is run by Mitch (Gelli De Bellen) who is actually a cunning witch!

Cindy was being cursed by Mitch. At day, she will become ugly. But as the clock ticks 12 midnight, Cindy will return to be a beautiful woman but as a vampire!

Let's watch these two trailer teasers of "Ang Spooky Mo Presents" featuring "Bampirella". Here they go:

The Teaser

The Short Trailer

Being cursed, Cindy has only one way to be human again—to find her true love. However, she has to suck the blood and the life out of this man to really break Mitch's curse.

Two hot Kapuso stars will be Marian's leading men in this horror-comedy mini-series. They are Marc Abaya who plays the character of Armand, a rocker vampire who wants to own Cindy; and Mikael Daez, as Michael, a dentist who also applies to be her one true love. Another admirer is Dingdong Dantes in his special role as Cindy's ex-boyfriend named Alfonso.

Other cast members are: Gladys Guevarra as Rosario, Cindy's best friend; Ken De Leon as Angelina and Jervi Li as Megan Pak, Mitch's sidekicks; and the cute Isabel Nesreen Frial as Eya, Cindy's sister.

Well, are excited for "Bampirella"?! Do you want to see Marian now playing the character of a vampire?!

Every episode of "Ang Spooky Mo Presents" will run only for four weeks. After an episode which ran in just a number of weeks, it would be replaced by a new one with a different cast once it finishes. This airs every Saturday before "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" in GMA's Sabado Star Power block. c",)

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