The Last Fight of 'Buhawi Jack!'

The last fight of our Action-Drama Prince Gerald Anderson as "Buhawi Jack" just recently took place! And we witnessed how he showed his great fighting skills with the enemies!

"Buhawi Jack" is actually Gerald's first action-fantasy TV series for 2011. This also marks his first TV series teamup with the former Kapuso star and Starstruck Ultimate Female Survivor Jewel Mische. The said TV series tested the chemistry of Gerald and Jewel!

With "Buhawi Jack", viewers now loved the new tandem of Jewel and Gerald. Yup, according to many, they are really a promising pair! A new love team now called as Jewerald is now formed!

The child star Bugoy Cariño also successfully portrayed the character of Gerald's sidekick. In the story, Bugoy played the character of Jack's younger brother.

Now that "Buhawi Jack" stepped on its final episode, Gerald is now ready for a new fight! This time as "Bagwis"! And once more, Gerald will be paired with Jewel Mische!

Gerald's sidekick for "Bagwis" is not yet confirmed! But hopefully, Bugoy will be part of the story.

Good luck Gerald Anderson! Looking forward for another successful action-fantasy-drama TV series! Keep up the good work! Thumbs up! c",)

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  1. wow..... i very excited to watch the jewerald!especially,, ate Jewel Mische!!

    luv ya JEWERALD!!!! forever.....


    -JewFat- Jewel Fatima :)