The Grand Full Trailer of 'Mula Sa Puso!'

Another exciting remake of the so-called "Primera Klaseng Soap Opera" will premiere this Monday. The new "Mula Sa Puso" will start to hit our TV screen this March 28, 2011 before "TV Patrol"!

After the revelation of the main cast and characters, people got very excited to see how the new stars will portray the characters who truly marked the history of Philippine TV series. ABS-CBN then released the full grand trailer of this exciting TV series remake.

As you requested, here is the grand full trailer of "Mula Sa Puso". Let's all watch this:

Great, great, great! The trailer is truly exciting and breath-taking! According to many, "ang trailer na ito ay talagang nagpataas ng balahibo ko...!" Nice!

As seen in the trailer, the story is slight changed the way they do in the remake of "Mara Clara". The new twist features the struggle of Magda's mother (Alicia Alonzo) in the evil hands of the new Selina (Eula Valdez). The root of the story is very much detailed!

Via (Lauren Young) was kidnapped and putted on a drum before throwing in the bay. They patterned it in the movie version wherein Claudine Barretto was putted on a drum. In the original TV version, Via was placed in a coffin and buried on the ground!

The trailer also showed the similarities of the new actors with the original one. Many said that JM De Guzman who is now reprising the character of Gabriel Maglayon truly has a resemblance with Rico Yan who originally played the said role!

They even appreciated now Lauren Young who is playing the lead character of Olivia Pereira. She can truly give justice to the said role!

And the much awaited part of this soap is the character of Selina Matias. Yup, everybody is very excited to see how Ms. Eula Valdez gives life to the evil villain Selina who truly created a remarkable legacy in the world of TV series!

Now are you more excited to watch the new "Mula Sa Puso"?! Definitely! So go home early starting this Monday to catch the very promising pilot episode of "Mula Sa Puso" before "TV Patrol" in Primetime Bida! Another two thumbs up! c",)

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