The Full Trailer of 'Nasaan Ka, Elisa?!'

Another exciting TV series that is set to premiere this March is the mystery series called "Nassan Ka, Elisa?"! It is based from the international hit telenovela called "Donde Esta Elisa". In our Philippine version, Melissa Ricks will play the lead title role!

After series of quick teasers, ABS-CBN finally launched the full trailer of this said soap. In the full trailer, the flow of the story as well as the main characters around Elisa were clearly seen!

Well, let's all watch the complete full trailer of "Nasaan Ka, Elisa?". Here it goes:

"Nassan Ka, Elisa?" is set to replace Jessy Mendiola's "Sabel" which will air its final week today. Therefore, its timeslot will be on the daytime.

Aside from Melissa Ricks, members of its cast include Albert Martinez, Desiree del Valle, Agot Isidro, Vina Morales, Eric Fructuoso, Franco Daza, Christopher Roxas and Aldred Gatchalian.

So, get ready to unveil the mystery starting next week as "Nasan Ka, Elisa?" starts to capture our daytime! It's another first mystery TV series from ABS-CBN! Nice! c",)

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