Christian Saves Mara!

The question in our minds if who is really the good person who saves the life of Mara from danger was already answered! Of course aside from Lenita who let Mara escape from the time bomb and gave her own life, there is also another person named 'Utoy' who truly created another puzzle in the minds of many!

And finally, we met 'Utoy' in the recent episodes of this phenomenal hit Primetime TV series, "Mara Clara"!

Utoy is Christian Toralba (Albie Casiño), the man who truly loves Mara (Kathryn Bernardo). Utoy is actually the childhood pet name of Christian tagged to him by his former nanny.

On the recent episodes, we saw how Utoy or Christian saves the life of Mara!

Right after the explosion, Mara bumped on the ground. When her consciousness returned, Mara immediately called Christian who was currently in the hospital.

Christian hurriedly came in Antipolo where Mara was there but he didn't tell to anyone specially to Clara (Julia Montes) that he is about to get Mara. Christian then brought Mara to the good couples (Jan Marini-Alano and Richard Quan) but pretended that they didn't know each other. Mara even pretended that she has an amnesia and all her memories were lost to keep her life safe from danger!

After the revelation that Utoy is Christian and after his very exciting reunion with Mara, more 'kilig' filled the air! People were all inspired seeing Mara and Christian together again! Once more, the newest love team called "Katbie" was reinforced!

But, how long will Mara and Christian be together in the province? Who will discover that Mara is still alive and is saved by her love interest Christian? Will there be another threat in the life of Mara and also of Christian now since they were together?!

Breath-taking episodes were truly unlimited! More and more exciting secrets were one by one revealed! Lola Lupe (Gina Pareno) even discovered that her son Gary (Jhong Hilario) is the real mastermind of Mara's killing! And she is about to tell Amante (Bobby Andrews) the truth! Exciting!

If Christian is Utoy, then what will be the role of the incoming character Carlos Diego Loyzaga?! This is another exciting event we should need to watch out in this No. 1 hit teleserye today, "Mara Clara"! Great! More power to Katbie Martian c",)

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