The Cast of 'Green Rose' in Korea!

The recent setting of the recent episodes of the Philippine adaptation of "Green Rose" were shot in Korea. On the last two nights, we all witness the characters of Jericho Rosales as Jerome and Alessandra De Rosi as Geena were already in Korea!

But actually, that said episodes were only some of the many scenes taken in the Korean land. Aside from Echo and Alex, later on, the characters of Anne Curtis, Smokey Manoloto, and Jake Cuenca will also be seen in the said country.

But before we can see those upcoming episodes, let's first see their 'ginaw' photos during their taping in Korea. Here they go:

Jericho as Jerome Once More Courting Anne's Angela

The Three Main Casts on their Make-Up Session

Is the Villain Edward Fuentabella Now Turning Good?

Are Geena and Jerome now in Good Hands?!

What Will Be Smokey Manoloto's Character in the Life of Jerome?!

Now we already know how the characters of "Green Rose" flew in Korea and why some of the scenes should need to be taken there and not purely in our country. Alessandra's character as Geena flew in Korea to hide herself from Jerome. But Jerome even followed her to know the real mastermind of Chairman's killing!

Jerome is truly seeking justice for him and for his mother so he will do everything even go in the far away land to clean his name!

Why do you think the characters of Anne Curtis as Angela and Jake Cuenca as Edward also need to go in Korea? Did Angela has a hint that Jerome was alive and finding justice in Korea? Or she will have a honeymoon with Edward now that they all know that Jerome is dead?!

Well, these were just some of another more exciting events we need to watch out in this hit Primetime Koreanovela remake, "Green Rose" every night right after "Imortal"! See you in Korea! c",)

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