Who Will Win Between Gabriel and Juddah in the Last Week of 'Noah!'

The battle between the lead character and the main villain is now rising to the highest level! It's the look-alike Piolo Pascual versus Joem Bascon in the final week of "Noah"!

Who do you think will win over the battle of Gabriel (Piolo Pascual) and Juddah (Joem Bascon)?! Will Gabriel can prevent his nightmare to take place?! And will Juddah finally be successful in getting the treasure in the island of "Noah"?! And can Gabriel be able to defend "Noah" being the chosen savior?!

Well, these were just some of the most exciting questions that truly await the million viewers of this hit fantasy series! From start to finish, people were avidly watching this said show!

"Noah" which combines the Ultimate Heartthrob and Leading Man Piolo Pascual and the two child wonders of this generation namely Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Ann Manabat is a consistent top-rating Primetime TV series based on the Nationwide TV rating survey!s It started in July 2010 and it becomes the highest rated pilot episode of a TV series for 2010. From July 2010 to January 2011, "Noah" really makes the people hooked on it!

Aside from the casts, the story flow, and the 'taong-unta (taong-unggoy)' or monkey people, the twist in the story that makes the people interested with it is the dream or nightmare of Gabriel! His dream seems like a fortune-teller to him! With that dream, it allows Gabriel to see the future of his love ones including the death of his son!

Because of that dream, Gabriel even protected his family against the evil Juddah! He tries to stop the things from happening! But still, they were all coming true!

Do you think his loving son Jacob (Zaijan Jaranilla) will die in the end of the story?! What will Gabriel do to prevent the sequence of tragedies from happening?!

Four days to go then we will finally witness the so-called 'explosive' ending of "Noah"! Hold your breath and see the unexpected finale of this hit fantasy series! We really can't wait and see who will win and will loose in this exciting battle! Two thumbs up for "Noah" and to the great actors of it! Great one! c",)

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