The Switching of Mara and Clara's Fortune Opens the Book 2 of 'Mara Clara!'

Since last week, we witnessed how the truth between the true fate of Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) and Clara (Julia Montes) was prevailed! We even saw how the lives of these two ladies change! Mara is now enjoying the wealth and abundance being the true Del Valle heiress. On the other hand, Clara is suffering the poverty being the real David.

The reverse of fortune of Mara and Clara signifies the opening of the Book 2 or the second season of this top-rating Primetime TV series! The Book 1 is actually the period of Mara's times with her known parents Gary and Susan David while an spoiled-brat living of Clara in the Del Valle family!

Since "Mara Clara" is today's undisputed No. 1 TV series both nationwide and in Mega Manila, the Kapamilya network opens a Book 2 for it! And now we are witnessing it!

Actually on the 90's original version of "Mara Clara", we may recall that there is also a Book 2. Yup, that is the time when Mara (Judy Ann Santos) was recognized as the real daughter of the Del Valle family! And, that's what we have now! A Book 2 featuring the switching of Mara and Clara's fate! But of course, there is a difference compared with the original one!

Even the picture of Mara and Clara in the title (as you can see above) is also reversed! Mara is now dressed with luxurious gown while Clara is now wearing a simple t-shirt!

Though "Mara Clara" is already on its Book 2, people even get hooked with it! Yeah, as they say "ito ang teleseryeng hinding-hindi nyo ipinagpapali...", "Mara Clara" even got higher TV ratings that truly defeats the rival program both nationwide and in Mega Manila! Excellence!

So, expect more new twists in the story! When did Clara inally accept her true family?! Is she forever be a 'maldita' even now that she is poor?! Will the true parents of Mara (Amante and Alvira) finally be separated because of the joined forces of the other woman Cristina (Desiree Del Valle) and Gary (Jhong Hilario)?!

These were just some of the things which keep hooking the viewers! We are really excited in everyday's episode of it! Good job "Mara Clara"! Keep it up! Who knows, there will be a Book 3 of it because of its success! Nice! Two thumbs up! c",)

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  1. love to see DESEREE DEL VALLE,galing nya at pretty pa,,,ganda din ni DIMPLES ROMANA.galing pa,,

    kala ko ba sa book2 isasama na si KRISTHOPER MARTIN dito??pls....