Paolo Ballesteros Plays Another Drag Queen Role in 'I ♥ You Pare!'

Paolo Ballesteros plays another character of a drag queen in the newest GMA-7's romance-comedy TV series "I ♥ You Pare"! He portrays the role of Vodka, the star performer in Club Love and later on will become the rival of Tonette (Regine Velasquez)!

As you can see, Paolo is very beautiful wearing a cross dress. As they say, Paolo is handsome if he's a man and also beautiful when he is a woman! He can portray two opposite genders perfectly!

Here is another quick video clip teaser of "I ♥ You Pare" showing the character of Paolo as Vodka:

As per Paolo, he has no problem in being typecasted for such roles as a drag queen or a transvestite. He already portrayed such roles in different TV series before like in "Zaido", "Rowena Joy", and in one episode of "Claudine" and in "Midnight DJ"! The important thing to him is that he has a job by playing such roles. "Ung iba nga dyan eh walang trabaho eh...!", Paolo added!

In the upcoming episodes of "I ♥ You Pare", expect to see more showdowns between Tonette and Vodka! Regine and Paolo both perfectly play the character of drag queens! Nice! c",)

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