Get to Know Edward Fuentabella of 'Green Rose!'

He is the right-hand man of Chairman Tuazon (Ricardo Cepeda). Of all the people around their company, he is the most trusted! Who is Edward Fuentabella?! Let's get to know more about him!

The sexy hot hunk actor Jake Cuenca will portray the character of Edward Fuentabella! He is an aggressive man that would do everything just to get what he wants even betraying all the people who trusted and loved him. He has a secret feeling to Angela (Anne Curtis).

Well, let's meet Edward! Here is a quick teaser of "Green Rose" featuring the character of Jake Cuenca as Edward Fuentabella! Let's all watch this:

On this TV series, Jake will play the role of a villain! Since he is secretly inlove with Angela, he will do everything just to get her from Jerome (Jericho Rosales). He is the mastermind of the false accusation to Jerome!

"Green Rose" is a comeback TV series for Jake Cuenca. After portraying different characters in "Tayong Dalawa", "Rubi", and "Elias Paniki", a brand new character now as a villain will be seen with Jake. If he is a kindhearted Alejandro in "Rubi", this time he will be a greedy and selfish Edward in "Green Rose"!

“Eversince we started taping for Green Rose, excited na ko na umere yung series dahil, walang bola po, ang ganda ng kwento. Kahit pa part ako ng cast, gusto ko rin mapanood sa primetime ito,” Jake said.

"Green Rose" is really another exciting TV series to watch tomorrow night. This is a Valentines offering of the Kapamilya station. And we are really excited to see a brand new Jake Cuenca! Are we going to hate Jake here in his new TV series?! Or we will love him more?!

Good luck Jake! More power and keep up the good work! Thumbs up! c",)

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  1. jake becoming a magaling na actor,,,congrats,,,bata pa,,,mas tutukan ang work at career,,minsan lang yan,,,,