The Final Route of 'My Driver Sweet Lover!'

"My Driver Sweet Lover" will take its final route this coming Friday! This so-called first ever kilig- serye of TV5 will air its final episode!

Are we going to expect a romantic ending between the main characters JC De Vera and Danica Panel?! Or will it be another tragic one now that the main villain portrayed by Ms. Dina Bonnevie is on her way of finishing her evil plans?!

Expect that more explosive revelations were yet to reveal. Rocky (JC De Vera) and Gaby (Danica Panel) were ready to beat the odds for their love!

But the main villain Araceli (Dina Bonnevie) will do everything just to pull down Barrinuevo. She even burned their shelter and kidnapped Rocky so that our main star will not able to save them!

Araceli's daughter Monique (Arci Muñoz) who used to be her partner in crime will now do everything just to stop her mother’s evilness!

And Gaby will finally discover that Rocky whom she known as the charming driver is indeed Randy, her childhood “frenemy” back when they were housed in an orphanage.

These were just some of the most exciting scenes that we have to witness this week as this first teleserye of the Kapatid network bid farewell this February 4, 2011!

"My Driver Sweet Lover" is the first TV series of the hunk actor JC De Vera in TV5 after starring in their drama anthology "5 Star Special" and the sitcom "Lokomoko U". But after this soap, JC will once again lead in another TV series called "Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum" pairing him with Anne Curtis' younger sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith! This only proves that JC De Vera is indeed the TV5's Primetime Prince! Keep it up and more power JC! c",)

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  1. may dvd ba nito,,pls,,,we want to watch it,,.gwapo at galing umarte po ni JC DEVERA,,lakas,,we love him,,,after ng UTOL KONG HOODLUM,,lipat na ba sya sa dos at si RICHARD GOMEZ,,i guess,,si GOMA sa dos na sya soon,,balik dos sya diba,,si AGA MUHCLACH naman sa tv5,,,thats life!