Barbie Forteza is 'Nita Negrita!'

Fans really misses the loveteam of the Kapuso teen stars Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio. Viewers were really waiting for their next TV series project!

But the long wait will be over starting February 14! These two teen stars will once again be seen in another romance-drama TV series.

GMA-7 will launch another teleserye. This time Barbie Forteza will be in the title role! She will portray the character of "Nita Negrita"!

"Nita Negrita" is an upcoming TV series of the Kapuso network. Finally after considering their other youngstars, they give the role to Barbie Forteza. Since fans really requested Barbie and Joshua to see again on TV, GMA-7 gave this new said soap to the loveteam. And amidst of the 'attitude problem' issue thrown to Barbie, they didn't hesitate to give the role to the young actress!

Still, Joshua Dionisio will be Barbie's leading man. The Kapuso network wants to promote more their loveteam so in all the projects either in movie or in TV, Joshua and Barbie were together! In fact, the premiere episode of this new series is set on February 14 to perfectly fits for the Valentines! Yup, this is a Valentines TV series offering of the Kapuso station!

Barbie will really be blacken in this new soap opera. Her look being 'negra' or 'negrita' is not yet leaked!

We may recall that in 2010, Carla Abella already portrayed a 'negra' woman in the Sinenovela "Basahang Ginto" with Geoff Eigenmann. Sexbomb Girls already shown 'Negra' episode in their "Daisy Siete" series. Do you think people will once again be interested in another 'Negra' themed teleserye?! Will the story of it be like the previous?! Well, we'll wait and see! Just wish these two teen stars a success in this new TV series! c",)

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  1. wow nice,...idol

  2. i love my idol Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio, sana magtagal pa ang Nita Negrita. and sana di lang nita negrita ang maging project nila ;) Godbless you All! =)

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