'Baker King' Actor Yoon Shi Yoon To Come in the Philippines!

The 25-year old Korean actor of the hit GMA-7's Primetime Koreanovela "Baker King" named Yoon Shi Yoon will come in the Philippines this coming March!

Yoon Shi Yoon who is better known as Kim Tak Goo is set to visit our country on March 3, 2011. Kim Tak Goo nowadays is well-loved by many since in the said Korean series, he is the main character who wants to pursue his dream with great determination! He truly gives inspirations to many aspirants!

In real life, did you know that Yoon Shi Yoon's birth name is Yoon Dong Go?! Yeah, he just changed his name to Yoon Shi Yoon when he step up in College!'

Yoon was born in Incheon, South Korea last September 26, 1986.

"Baker King" or originally called as "King of Baking" in Korea gives a milestone in the career of Yoon!

Well, are you excited for Yoon or for Tak Goo's visit here in the country next month?! Hope that he will also show some special numbers either singing or dancing to his fans! Good luck Kim Tak Goo! c",)

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  1. the best talaga ang baker king....

  2. hindi na matutuloy, sayang

  3. bkt d na po ma22loy pagvisit nia:((( sayang

  4. hahahahahh...... may god my idol will come in the phillippines in march?... kim tak gu idol? i hope i can see u in personal i reaaly like you acting skillsss,,, it seemed it is very naturallll,,, i hope i can see in personall... hope u wiill enjoy here in da phillipines i hope you can also visit cebu....have a nyc visit,,,,more power